Southwestern Portland Cement Co Christmas Ornament

SWPCCo Engine #11 was built for the Southwestern Portland Cement Co.  It was used to haul limestone out of the quarries to the SWPCCo processing plant in what is now Fairborn.  After serving for several decades, it was retired from duty in 1957.  Tollie Puckett, a brakeman and sometimes engineer for SWPCCo was the last person to drive the engine.  It was displayed at the companies main office, where it became known as the Christmas train.  Each Christmas it was decorated with an engineer in the cab and Santa behind him with 2 train cars of presents.

In 1992, the engine was donated to the White Water Valley Railroad in Indiana.  The engine has remained in the rail yard and is currently partially dismantled for restoration in the future.  The Fairborn Area Historical Society has communicated to WWVRR their interest in bringing the train back to Fairborn.

- Text Written by the Puckett Family

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